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In your business, how often do you use Outlook contacts on the computer to look up a vendor or respond to a customer about an order? Now, imagine if there was presence information for all your email and social media contacts merged into one window, so you could see who is available to ”speak” with at any given moment. And what if you could choose the best communication channel to get in touch with them? You’d probably agree that connecting with the people you want would be a lot easier, right?
Did you know that the average employee spends 74 minutes a day trying to contact colleagues? The same research report showed that up to 75% of time wasted by the average employee can be minimized through the use of Unified Communications. The main reasons for wasted time are trying to contact people and scheduling meetings, with 36% of time wasted each day on these tasks. And I’m sure we all agree, we need fewer meetings and more business being done.

Is there any way to solve this waste of time and resources? Actually, yes, and it’s surprisingly easy!

Today, new software lets SMBs to share contact information directly with customers and partners. Alcatel-Lucent makes this easy with our My IC Social Networks add-on to Microsoft Outlook.

Based on the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office RCE communication server, the cornerstone of our SMB offering, My IC Social Networks lets users decide how they would like to incorporate their internal contacts. It can also add external contacts, including those on Facebook, Skype and Yahoo!, and enables employees to check the availability of their colleagues in real time without having to leave their email window. Staff can even receive alerts when colleagues become available, and schedule call-backs at their convenience.

Best of all, if your business is currently using the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office RCE Communication server (R9 or above), you can get a free 60-day trial of My IC Social Networks!

Check your configuration and download your free 60-day trial of My IC Social Networks today.

Stop wasting time! This SMB communications tool makes life easier