Source: Alcatel-Lucent SMB

If your SMB business is using your OmniPCX Office (OXO) RCE just to deliver voice to deskphones, it’s like keeping a Ferrari in a garage. You have a great asset, but to unleash the real value, you’ve really got to get out and about and drive it.  

Talking of getting “out and about”, users are demanding a “mobile first” approach and definitely need more than just voice. Whilst phone and email still dominate, Instant Messaging (IM), Social Networking and conferencing form an increasing part of their communications needs.

As an SMB business, you are already used to the idea of doing more with less whilst playing on what is becoming a global stage. Your greatest resource is your employees and keeping them fully connected and available to your customers and partners is crucial if you are to be successful, so how can you unleash the potential?


  1. Mobilizing the workforce

Work has evolved from somewhere you go to something you do. This change in the working environment means up to 90% of employees in an SMB need to be mobile at some point during the working week. These range from those constantly on the road to those extending the working day and just connecting at home.


  1. Unleashing value starts with the user experience

Communications has also evolved and is definitely more than just voice. There are now multiple different modes of communication accessed through multiple different devices. Users demand an intuitive, engaging interface and consistent user experience. The right user experience accelerates adoption and drives the benefits from their staying available and connected.


  1. Enriching the experience

Staying connected is one thing, but with all these different modes of communication, users need more than just a “one number” voice service, linking deskphone and mobile. You can enhance their experience by delivering enhanced capabilities to smartphones such as:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Visual voicemail
  • Unified directory access
  • Unified call logs

In essence, providing the same functionality they have at the office. You can enable the users to change from mobile to deskphone, seamlessly, within a conversation, saving mobile minutes and improving audio quality.


  1. Extending the workplace

“Nomophobia” (A “faux-Greek” abbreviation of no mobile-phone phobia) is a term coined about the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. Real or otherwise, should a user find themselves in a situation where for example they have no mobile connectivity / VPN access, they’re at home and want to make business calls, or are at a customer / partner site, they can use any browser to connect to the OXO RCE and associate any available phone device as their own work phone. The OXO RCE simply calls the associated device when a communication is started or received.


  1. Expanding your reach

The majority of (what was traditionally voice) communication for users within an SMB environment is external and staying connected with business partners and customers is vital. In addition to voice, there are now a multitude of social networks that can be used. You can now keep connected with all your contacts, consolidating into a single view:

  • Internal / external contacts
  • Presence on social networks such as Facebook, Skype, Yahoo!
  • Availability
  • Calendar availability

choosing the best network and service to communicate with your correspondent, on their preferred network, significantly increasing both productivity and reachability

The need to stay connected means transforming the way your users communicate. The good news is with the OXO RCE, the supercar doesn’t need to stay in the garage! You have the right platform, ready to deliver all these capabilities that your users need to drive the business.  Are you driving yours?  What else could a communications platform do to help you unleash value?




Is your communications platform a “Supercar in the Garage”? 5 ways to Unleash the value