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Patient care is 24/7, so it is essential for doctors to be reachable anytime and anywhere: in the office or while on call. If doctors need to leave the office for a medical emergency, they must be able to forward calls to voice mail and check their voice mail remotely while maintaining their privacy and professional image.
In a medical practice with more than one doctor, the communication system must be able to handle each doctor’s practice independently, regardless of varying office hours. The system must also handle call overflow efficiently when the receptionist is busy with a patient. Finally, doctors need to be able to delegate call management to a receptionist — transparently.
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Serve patients better and improve efficiency.

The OpenTouch Suite for SMB for Doctors’ Offices tailors the communication system to doctors’ unique requirements, providing the following services to an Apple® iPhone® or a mobile device with the Google™ Android™ operating system:
  • A single phone number, so calls to the office are automatically routed to the mobile device or voice mail — transparently.
  • Call management from a smartphone or mobile device: Voice mail that is accessible remotely, call history (call logs), call transfer, call forwarding and a centralized address book.
  • Separate, discrete service for each doctor in a practice.
The OpenTouch Suite for SMB for Doctors’ Offices enables one or more doctors in a medical practice to be reachable anywhere for an emergency or while on call through a flexible communication system. The OpenTouch Suite for SMB provides seamless service while maintaining a doctor’s professional image and privacy.