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Seamless mobile communications for better client service.


Car owners want to use trusted local garages for their automobile repair needs, but the business is increasingly competitive with the proliferation of global parts suppliers and do-it-yourself repair information. In a busy garage, the communication system must be able to route calls efficiently to the appropriate front counter, repair shop and parts staff, especially when call volumes are high during the busy morning and evening hours.
Mechanics and staff need to be reachable anywhere as they move around inside or outside the garage. You must be able to forward calls to voice mail and check voice mail remotely, and the system must handle call overflow when you are talking with a client, colleague or supplier.
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The OpenTouch Suite for SMB for Garages tailors the communication system to your unique needs, whether your garage is a single-owner business or part of a large franchise operation. The OpenTouch Suite for SMB reduces costs and provides the following services:
  • On-site and external mobility: Stay connected anywhere, indoors or outdoors on the premises or off-site
  • Professional, efficient handling of client, staff and supplier calls
  • Streamlined Smart Call Routing and end-to end communications
  • A range of powerful wireless DECT and WLAN phones and infrastructure products with industrial environment features
The OpenTouch Suite for SMB for Garages is a customizable communication solution designed for small- and medium sized garages. The OpenTouch Suite for SMB provides on-site and external mobile communications across devices and locations, improves responsiveness, and increases staff productivity with a flexible, expandable system that is simple to use and easy to learn.