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Clients are looking for low-cost insurance solutions that suit their particular needs, and they are increasingly investigating their options online. When clients call your office, staff must work hard to deliver superior service and ensure satisfaction.
The communication system must provide end-to-end call management, with a professional welcome and efficient call routing to the relevant department. The system must handle call overflow when you are busy serving a client.
If you leave your office, you must be able to forward calls to voice mail and check voice mail remotely while maintaining privacy.
To increase productivity, the system needs to provide tools for collaborative communications with your colleagues as well as integration with insurance office operations.
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Serve clients better and increase efficiency.

The OpenTouch Suite for SMB for Insurance Offices tailors the communication system to your unique needs, whether it is a small insurance agency branch or a central office, by providing:
  • Feature-rich applications that improve client service and call handling
  • Flexible communication server and network infrastructure with powerful embedded features
  • A range of wireline phones for professional IP or digital telephony
The OpenTouch Suite for SMB for Insurance Offices enables you to better serve your clients and collaborate with your colleagues using an efficient, feature-rich communication system.
The OpenTouch Suite for SMB provides seamless, flexible services to quickly address clients’ needs and help ensure their satisfaction.