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OpenTouch Suite for SMB (ACSR) – Course

ACSR (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Certified Sales Representative)
For sales representatives who sell Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise products and solutions (Advanced level)

Curriculum ALE_Education

71 minutes, €0.00, Rel-2017

For Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise internal sales community and Business Partners worldwide
At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:
  • Understand the offer,
  • Understand how to generate new business opportunities,
  • Identify how the solution matches customer needs.
Proficiency in Sales skills


This course identifies the business opportunities, the offer and its components, and the right product to meet customers’ needs. It also includes two video tutorials: one that provides guidance through the selection of an efficient and sustainable network switch to make the right choice for the LAN part of the SMB communication system; the other tutorial provides guidance through the selection of an effective wireless solution (Wi-Fi) that is the key to mobility within business.
ACSR Certification exam (MCQ): the completion of 3 tests is required to pass the certification on Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite for SMB as part of the specialization defined in the Partner Program. In addition to the MCQ test on the OpenTouch Suite for SMB, you must pass one quiz on the LAN part of the SMB communication system and one quiz on the Wireless solution for this business. NB: those two last quizzes alone lead to the ACSR LAN SMB and ACSR WiFi SMB but do not individually count for the Partner Program.
Highlights of the course:
  • Hybrid Rainbow Ready model
  • Extended capacity up to 300 users to address larger scope of SMBs
  • Cost-effective convergence offering to optimize SMB installations
  • High flexibility and simplicity with new licensing model
  • Software Assurance for your installed base with 3-year support and software evolutions
  • Professional Hospitality offer to better address the 2&3 star hotels