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In SMB in the real estate sector, it is essential to be reachable by clients anywhere, anytime. Real estate agents are often not in the office: they are at a seller’s home for a meeting or are showing a home to a potential buyer — or they are on the road. While on the move, agents cannot afford to miss calls, emails or faxes because this can translate into missed business opportunities, lost viewings and potential clients who find another agent instead. Agents need complete integration with the office at all times — and there is zero tolerance for time lost or time wasted.
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Be reachable anywhere and anytime, reduce costs and increase sales.

The OpenTouch Suite for SMB for Real Estate Agencies integrates the communication system with on-the go business operations to provide the following services to an Apple® iPhone® or a mobile device with the Google™ Android™ operating system:
  • A single phone number, so calls to the office are automatically routed to the mobile device or voicemail β€” transparently
  • Call management from a smartphone or mobile device: Voice mail with a single business mailbox accessible remotely, call transfer, call forwarding, conference calling and a centralized address book
  • Secure receipt and transmission of faxes by fax machine, office phone or mobile device
The OpenTouch Suite for SMB for Real Estate Agencies enables small and medium-sized real estate agencies to be reachable by clients and potential clients anytime, anywhere, through a flexible communication system that is always on the go — just like real estate agents.