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Patient care is 24/7, so it is essential for the staff of retirement homes to be reachable anytime and anywhere inside or outside the facility. During a critical alarm event, you need streamlined communications that improve team responsiveness so the situation can be resolved quickly. If you leave your station or desk, you must be able to forward calls to voice mail and check voice mail remotely while maintaining privacy. The communication system must handle call overflow when you are with a patient or colleague.
In a busy retirement home, the communication system must be able to to route calls efficiently and handle each area of operation independently. Finally, retirement home staff need to be able to delegate call management to a receptionist — transparently.
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The OpenTouch Suite for SMB for Retirement Homes tailors the communication system to your unique needs, whether your retirement home is standalone building or collocated with a hospital or other facility, reducing costs and providing:
  • On-site mobility: Stay connected anywhere on the premises, indoors or outdoors
  • Professional, efficient call routing and streamlined communications
  • Collaborative features for easy supervision and improved teamwork
The OpenTouch Suite for SMB for Retirement Homes is a customizable communication solution designed for small- and medium-sized retirement homes.
The OpenTouch Suite for SMB provides on-site mobile communications, improves responsiveness when patients need immediate attention, and increases staff productivity with a flexible, expandable system that is simple to use and easy to learn.