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About Ae Connectz Pte Ltd

AE connectz is the Accredited Distributor (AD) for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise SMB Solutions or we call it now the “OXO-Connect”.

We Stock To Distribute On Time
As an Accredited Distributor, able to provide timely support and sufficient quality stocks to our re-sellers is of
paramount importance to us

Customer Satisfaction, a paramount goal
At AE ConnectZ, customer satisfaction is a paramount goal and a guiding philosophy to our work. Thru our intimate working relationship with our resellers, we have come to understand each reseller’s strength and is in the best position to recommend a suitable reseller to meet our customers communication infrastructure needs.


Though each reseller is unique, we had established a 4D process to ensures our quality deliverables to each and everyone.


    We discuss and collaborate with our resellers to share different points of view to bring out an honest exchange of ideas ultimately leading them to a new perspectives and action plan best for their company and their customers.

    A well-done design will underscore the messaging that you hope to convey. With our many years in managing multiple portfolios, we executes sound designing in our proposals to differentiate ourselves with our competitors.

    We develop customised Marketing Strategies with each and every resellers to give their business a direction toward effective growth and development. The plan will be developed to the needs of the particular company where it involves the isolation of a target market segment with a set of clear-cut goals and the implementation of initiatives aimed at getting the desire results.

    Having recommended a reseller, our work do not stop there, we work with our resellers to deliver an efficient and scalable solutions to our customers, ensuring our customers’ highest level of satisfaction with their business communication systems.